Test Page

1. On what day did Derek Jeter make it to to number 1 spot on the Yankees All-Time Hit List?

2. How many World Series wins have the Yankees obtain since Derek Jeter was drafted in 1992?

3. What is Derek’s full name?

a) Derek Jeter                           b) Derek Mark Jeter

c) Derek Michael Jeter         d) Derek Sanderson Jeter

4. Where was Jeter born?

5. At what age did e start to play on the T-ball team?

6. What year did Jeter get drafted to te Yankees?

7. Who’s record on the all-time hit list did Jeter have to be to be number one on the list?

a) Lou Gehrig                         b) Reggie Jackson

c) Babe Ruth                           d) Alex Rodriguez

8. When was the last Yankees’ World Series win?

9. What number does Derek have on his jersey?

10. Growing up what was his favorite baseball team?


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